Dennis Franz is an actor known for his many movie and TV roles. From Carmine Lorenzo in “Die Hard 2” to his award winning role as Det. Andy Sipowicz  in “N.Y.P.D. Blue.” When he is not working on set in Hollywood, Ca. He can be found relaxing with his wife Joanie Zeck at their home in Montecito, CA.

This shoot was made possible because of Chef Harry Schwartz. Chef Harry was shooting another episode of his cooking show and needed me to come and shoot production stills.


Hector Elizondo is an actor of Basque and Puerto Rican descent.
He is best known for his roles in “Pretty Woman”, “Princess Diaries” and “Runaway Bride”.


I met Robin Mattson on the set of the soap opera “Santa Barbara”.  I was shooting production stills for New World Entertainment and Soap Opera Digest magazine. They taped the show over at NBC studios in Burbank, California. Robin is also known for her other popular characters on shows like “General Hospital” and “All My Children”. 


 Joanna Johnson is an actress who played her own twin sister in the CBS soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful”. She played Caroline Spenser in the early ’90s and she also played her twin sister Karen Spencer in the late ’90s up until 2014. She has actually done 417 episodes, just on “The Bold and The Beautiful” alone.
I got the chance to meet Joanna, at the William J. and Lee Phillip Bell Christmas party. I was shooing for Soap Opera Digest magazine. While at the party. I got the chance to talk and ask Joanna,  if we could do a shoot. She said to bring my portfolio to her dressing room at  CBS. She liked my work and asked me what I wanted to shoot. So I said I wanted to shoot an “At Home” with her. She said sure, but only if she can get some new acting head shots in exchange for her time. I said, “no  problem”. So I called my make-up and hair artist Melanie Randolph to do Joanna’s make-up. Joanna Johnson was really fun to shoot. And a really nice person to meet from the show.


Meshach Taylor has done many movie and TV roles through out his career. From his role as (Hollywood) in the movie “Mannequin” to his 7-season run as (Anthony Bouvier) in the hit CBS TV show “Designing Women”.
Meshach was married to actress Bianca Taylor before he passed away. Taylor died at age 67 of colorectal cancer on June 28 2014, in the Los Angeles area (Altadena). Terminally ill and extremely weak, he nevertheless flew with his children to Indiana just one week before his death to celebrate the centennial birthday of his mother. He was interred at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA.

Meshach Taylor’s home is located in Alta Dena, California. Which is very close to Pasadena.


Henry Darrow has been acting for a long time. He played Manolito Montoya in the hit TV western series, “The High Chaparral” (1967). He also played Lt. Manuel ‘Manny’ Quinlan in the series “Harry O” 1974-1975. In 1981 he played Don Diego / Zorro in the series “The New Adventures of Zorro” 1981. He then went on to play Don Diego de Vega / Zorro Sr. in “Zorro and Son”, 1983. He played the Commandante in the TV Mini-Series “Fresno” 1986. He then played Rafael Castillo on the hit NBC soap opera “Santa Barbara” in 1989-1992. Then later between 1998-2001 he played Dr. Carlos Nunez on the hit CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

Henry and his wife Lauren Levinson live in Alta Dena, California. Actually, not far from the late actor Meshach Taylor.

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