Babita Mexicuisine

This is a family-run Mexican eatery serves up sophisticated dishes such as Oaxacan relleno in a basic setting.

Babita Mexicuisine is the renowned Mexican restaurant owned and operated by Chef Roberto Berrelleza. Babita specializes in gourmet Mexican cuisine often found in Mexico City. On a visit, you’ll find such dishes as Chiles en Nogada, Lamb Shank Mixiote and the classic Chile Relleno Oaxaqueno. Along with the classics, Babita offers unique culinary creations such as the devilishly hot, award winning Shrimp “Topolobampo” and the Chicken and Shrimp “Elba”.

Chef Roberto was born in the little fishing port of Topolobampo, in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. The Chef’s culinary career began in the front of the house at various French-style establishments; with the high point being the manager/maitre’d for the Hollywood Brown Derby. Awakened by this French culinary and wine experience, Chef Roberto opened Babita Mexicuisine in 1999 to focus on his Mexican cuisine.

Every dish from Babita’s kitchen is prepared by Chef Roberto. Guests are delighted and challenged by the Chef’s creations, often involving such unique ingredients as Zucchini blossoms, Cuitlacoche, Prickly Pear and Guamuchil. Expect an intimate, one-of-a-kind dinning experience at Babita Mexicuisine!

They are located in the San Gabriel, California.

PRAGUE, Czech Republic

Food In Prague, Czech Republic.

In December of 2012, I got an assignment to go to Prague, Czech Republic and teach a doctor client of mine, how to edit her video for her documentary. As well as shoot interviews of her patients and other people she felt she needed for her project.

I was in Prague for almost a month, and I had a chance to try the local food from the different bars and restaurants. It was a great time!!


When shooting for Chef Harry Schwartz. I got to shoot some really delicious food. I also got a chance to photograph celebrities in their home with the food that Chef Harry made! Great food and very nice people.

Actor Gary Coleman was a very nice person to photograph. Chef Harry had me come out to Gary’s house to photograph him with his favorite food “Chili”. Chef Harry asked Gary to invite some of his close friends for lunch.

Charles Nelson Reilly

Chef Harry Schwartz had called me up one day for another photo assignment. This time it would be in Marina Del Rey, California. And it was on a boat owed by actor Charles Nelson Reilly. He lived on his boat in the Marina. He had been in show business his whole life. So it was a real treat to spend the afternoon with Chef Harry and Charles Nelson Reilly!

Charles Nelson Reilly was born in The Bronx, New York City, New York. When he was a young boy, he would often make his own puppet theater to amuse himself. His mother, foreshadowing his future as an entertainer, often would tell him to “save it for the stage”.

Reilly developed a love of opera and desired to become an opera singer. He entered the Hartt School of Music as a voice major, but eventually abandoned this pursuit when he realized that he lacked the natural vocal talent to have a major career. However, opera remained a lifelong passion, and he was a frequent guest on opera-themed radio programs, including the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts.

While he kept active in Broadway shows, Reilly would soon become better known for his TV work, appearing regularly on television in the 1960s. For example, he appeared both as one of the What’s My Line? Mystery Guests and as a panelist on that popular Sunday night CBS-TV program. In 1965, he made regular appearances on The Steve Lawrence Show, which aired for a single season. Television commercials he made throughout the 1960s and 1970s included Excedrin and Bic Banana Ink Crayons, in which he wore a banana costume.

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