This movie is about a guy named Jack Sweeny (James Marshall). Is a young man just trying to get a job. Turned down at another bank due to his criminal record he meets a girl, Rebecca, but also witnesses a 3 way shootout between 2 groups of criminals and the cops over a suitcase containing perfect plates for counterfeiting bank notes. Jack grabs the plates and attempts to sell them via his friend Zippo. However with at least three different groups ready to kill him for the plates, Jack finds it’s just one double cross after another.

This movie had a lot of stars in it. Dennis Hopper, Eric Roberts, Ice-T, William Forsythe, Frank Gorshin and Michael Madsen. The part of “Zippo” was supposed to be played by actor Mickey Rouke. But Micky wouldn’t come out of his trailer and started making threats. So , Michael Madsen was brought in to replace Micky Rouke as “Zippo”.

Behind the Luck