Two best friends, a struggling actor and an unemployed screenwriter, set out to look for a prized $250,000 Rolex wristwatch which was stolen by an attractive con artist.

Working on a independent film can be a lot of fun!! But since it is a low-budget feature, you may not have all the perks a big-budget film would have. Such as exotic locations or 5 star catering. But you do get the best film learning experience of a life time. You really get an idea how films are made when you realize how much movies cost to make. From preproduction to post-production. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of making a movie.

Also when working on a low-budget feature, big movie stars will sometimes lend a hand with smaller productions. Such as a cut in their pay to do the movie. Sometimes the movie star is a long time friend of the director. Old friends working together. They also bring knowledge and experience to the set.

“Do it for Uncle Manny” was a fun experience to work on. I have worked for producer Joy Czerwonky a couple of times and it is always a fun experience. This movie starred Adam Baratta. Adam also wrote and directed this movie. This film also starred Kari Wuhrer, Shane Edelman, George Wyner, Louie Anderson, Danny Trejo, Colin Mochrie, Angelica Bridges and actor, writer and director Paul Mazursky.

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