The saga of high fashion glamour, honor, romance, passion, and most importantly, family.

I started working on the set of  “The Bold and The Beautiful” right after the soap opera “Santa Barbara” got canceled. New World Entertainment did not own B&B, but they did do the international distribution for the show. So I was able to be on the CBS stage as long as I obeyed the union rules of the set. This also opened the door for shooting for Soap Opera Digest magazine.

Shooting for B&B at CBS was a lot of fun!! All of that history of TV shows, especially the shows that I grew up with were shot here. I got to know many of the cast and crew people from B&B. They all taught me an awful lot about working on a TV show.

Some of the cast of B&B that I got to shoot in my photo studio.

Joanna Johnson

Bobbie Eakes

Jeff Trachta

Schae Harrison

Maitland Ward

Dylan Neal

Brent Jasmer

Ken Hanes

Krista Allen

Adrienne Frantz

Bobbie Phillips

Ashley Tesoro

Scott Thompson Baker

Producer John C. Zak